This print of Stefon from an SNL-themed art show at Gallery 1988 is the best. [via Splitsider]


Lolita Cupcake

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  1. Camera: SEIKO EPSON CORP. WF-7520 Series




marco puccini

“v o l o a t r e”

Film- making involves a number of discrete stages including 

1. an initial story / an idea through scriptwriting.

2. Casting

3. Shooting

4. Editing 

5.  Screening

There is a vivid range of economic, social and political context.

A variety of technologies and Cinematic techniques.

Involves a large number of people in different 

Duration of the film takes from a few months to several years to complete.

Oohhh crazzy skeleton

Oohhh crazzy skeleton

Scientific research has reported that music with a definitive beat and rhythm is able to stimulate brain waves to synchronize with the beat.

  • Faster beats are shown to bring a sharper concentration and improved alertness.
  • Slow tempos ease the brain’s wave and lead to a calm state.
  • Additional research has shown that music’s ability to shift the brain waves’ activity levels allows the brain to shift speeds on its own, meaning the positive benefits to your brain last well after you have stopped listening to the music.
  • These findings make it clear why it is now common to see positive results when playing music to sharpen the focus of children with ADD. 
  • Music is one of the few activities in life that utilizes the entire brain.
  • Music can distract, provide control and cause people’s mind, breathing and heart rate to relax.